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More Jobs in Quebec than in any other province- says Statistics Canada

Posted On: 13-Jul-2018
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More Jobs in Quebec than in any other province- says Statistics Canada

According to a recently revealed data by Statistics Canada, Canada recorded nearly 462,000 job vacancies across all its provinces in the first quarter of 2018. Amazingly, Quebec saw the most increase in the job vacancies with nearly 25,000 jobs vacant in the province. This accounted to a massive 37% increase when compared to the 2017.

“This was the seventh consecutive quarter to show a year-over-year increase in the number of job vacancies in Quebec, with vacancies in the manufacturing and accommodation and food services industrial sectors increasing the most. Montreal was the economic region in Quebec that posted the greatest increase in job vacancies (+8,700) during the quarter”, says Statistics Canada.

Currently Quebec’s unemployment rate is 6.2% whereas until 2017 it was recorded with an average unemployment rate of 5.5%. The Liberal Government of Quebec estimates than over one million jobs are needed to be filled by 2024 and immigration shall play a key drive to attract skilled talent for these jobs.

To invite skilled professionals in large numbers Quebec has announced an easier immigration system. With effect from August 2018, the province shall invite skilled professionals through an Expression of Interest medium alike Express Entry. With this system in place, the process time of obtaining a PR visa may reduce from 36 months to just 12 months.

British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba follow Quebec in the run of job vacancies

After Quebec, provinces like British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba also experience a good increase in the job vacancies. According to the figures reported by Statistics Canada:

  • British Columbia has over 24,000 job vacancies with an increase of 36% job rate
  • Jobs in Ontario increased by 5.7%, with nearly 9,800 more jobs in 2018
  • Alberta’s job vacancy increased by 18.5%, with 7500 new jobs that are waiting to be filled
  • Manitoba province experience an increase of 2,800 new jobs, increasing up to 26.4% than previous year

Most jobs are in the Healthcare Sector

Most jobs are in the Healthcare Sector
The healthcare and social assistance sector saw the highest increase in job vacancies. In this sector, nearly 11,000 new jobs were created in first quarter of 2018 over that of 2017.

Source: Statistics Canada Table 14-10-0326-01

In terms of broad occupation categories, Statistics Canada reported an increase of 9,030 job vacancies in the Business, Finance and Administration category and 8,080 job vacancies in the Natural and Applied Sciences category in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year.

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