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Justin pitches Canada to US IT companies on his two-day trip to San Francisco

Posted On: 12-Feb-2018
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Justin pitches Canada to US IT companies on his two-day trip to San Francisco

The young Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is out on his two day trip to San Francisco. The aim behind this trip is to welcome IT companies of US to home their business and operations in Canada. According to the news, the Prime Minister visited AppDirect, a cloud subscription company on February 8. He met the Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff and is also expected to meet the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. With the chaos caused in the United States with regards to H1-B visa and associated workers, Trudeau’s trip gains a good significance. Since permanent residency in the United States seems getting complicated for H1 B visa holders, many of the professionals of US are looking forward to Trudeau’s promising alternative.

It is stated that AppDirect who established its offices in Montreal and Calgary promised to invest $2 billion in Canada in the next five years. This initiative would create nearly 300 jobs for the Canadian citizens and permanent residents. With this, Trudeau also talked about his plans to motivate Bezos for establishing a second headquarters for Amazon in Toronto. The San Francisco Chronicle highlights on Trudeau’s enthusiasm about brining global talent to the Maple country. He said that companies would benefit in establishing themselves in Canada as the nation homes millions of talented workers.

In the meantime, there are also a good number of countries like Uber, Apple, Slack etc. who have spread their operations to Canada. They have set up new offices in Canada during 2017. The Terminal Co-founder, Dylan Serota said that by relocating to Canada, US companies have a good benefit as its close the US time zones.

On the whole, setup of new companies in Canada would profit the companies, the locals and Canadian economy on the whole. One of the recent initiatives to bring global talent into the country is the ‘global skills strategy visa’, which allows a fast-track work permit for eligible professionals for two weeks.

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