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Justin Trudeu Wins Again! What to Look Forward in Canada Immigration during His New Term?

Posted On: 24-Oct-2019
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Justin Trudeu Wins Again! What to Look Forward in Canada Immigration during His New Term?

It’s a good news: our very own favorite ministry who brought a drastic drop in the CRS score wins the Canada Federal Elections 2019!

Justin Trudeau is a Minister who has encouraged and embraced Canada immigration like none other before. It was under his ministry we saw the CRS dropping, the draws frequency increasing and the number of invitations getting higher with each draw.

With him winning the elections of 2019, prospective immigrants of Canada are hoping for brighter days. To double the excitement, here’s what CIC news has to say about future of Canada immigration under Trudeu’s 2.0.

Rising immigration levels, free citizenship and a Municipal Nominee Program will be on the table” – says CIC News.

1. Immigration Levels could rise to 370,000 by 2023

Under the current plan, the target of immigrants entering in Canada through permanent residency is set to 330,800 in 2019. By 2021, this may increase to 350,000, and further to approximately 370,000 by 2023.

2. Another Pilot Program in the Planning

During the first term, Trudeu’s administration launched several economic class immigration programs. The most significant was the Atlantic Immigration Program. The Liberals (Trudeu’s party) stated that this would become permanent if they earned another mandate.

Moreover, the party announced planning of the Municipal Nominee Program (MNP) which will help smaller cities of Canada attract foreign skilled workers.

Complete details of this programs are not released yet. But it is stated this program would follow a similar selection criteria as the AIP and the Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program.

3. Citizenship fee to be waived off for eligible permanent residents

According to the news, the Liberals pledge to waive citizenship fees for eligible PR residents. At present, adults are required to pay $530 plus a “right of citizenship fee” of $100 to support their citizenship application.

However, there is no confirmation of when this would become a legislation and come into effect.

This plan is evident enough of how the Ministry is working its best to retain foreign talent in the country and help them to obtain citizenship easily.

4. Settlement Funding to increase

While the Liberals have played a good role in increasing settlement funding from time to time, this policy shall continue.

What’s the bigger news – Immigration rules remain unaffected

As the Liberals return to power, we anticipate that the stability within Canada’s immigration system will be maintained as before.

We believe that the immigration policies and rules will remain unaffected and the country will be more welcoming for newcomers in Trudeu’s term 2.

The Canada immigration system is going to be more successful with Trudeu’s term 2. The expectation of more visa approvals can help a lot for aspiring Canada immigrants. Hence, begin your Canada visa process now with Kansas Overseas Careers and get settled faster in Canada. Call @ 1800-102-0109.

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