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Karen Andrews call for more students to Pursue Stem Subjects As a shortage of skill Exist

Posted On: 20-Aug-2018
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Karen Andrews call for more students to Pursue Stem Subjects As a shortage of skill Exist

Karen Andrews(Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills) as a part of National Science week, made a recent visit to Elanora State school on the Gold cost in order to encourage STEM(science, technology, engineering and Maths) learning .

The minister shared her personal experiences as well as perspectives about STEM subjects. She also remembered her past role as an Assistant Minister for Science and also as a former engineer working at petrochemical sites as well as the power station.

Minister Andrews further added, anyone who is having a background and interest in Stem, as an engineer, they will have many doors open and may be the first step on the pathway towards both diverse as well as a rewarding career.

During her address, she also said that she wishes all students to know that, everyone can dream big when they consider a career in STEM. This nation, Australia has produced great scientists and their discoveries have changed the world in physics, Medicine and Technology. These scientists helped us to have Google Maps, Wifi, Pencillin, Electric Drill and bionic ear, these were all invented or discovered by Australians.

STEM help drive changes that will not only have constant but also growing impact on our everyday lives, hence helping students into subjects like Maths, Science and IT would better prepare them to work and have a life beyond school.

Australia welcomes migrants as they are essential to economic competitiveness in globalization. This nation is migrants- receiving nation. In the modern times, those nations with most open immigration policy usually gets best positioned to succeed in the global economy.

The nation is striving its best to encourage the students to take up Stem subjects so that they can meet the future skill shortage better than the present.

The Minister concluded that, all students must take this as an opportunity to learn as much about STEM and where it could lead them. When they take subjects of STEM, they can be scientists and inventors of the future.

The big business lobbyist for the Australian industry Group (AIG) and the chair of the Migration Council of Australia, in his article, has stated that, now it is not the right time to cut migration, as there exist skill shortage. The nation does not have a population problem; definitely, there is a shortage of skilled people.

If you specialize in STEM subject and have relevant experience, you can take first step on the pathway toward diverse and rewarding career in Australia. To know more, get in touch with us.

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