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KPMG to include more women Canada immigrants to their workforce

Posted On: 09-Mar-2019
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KPMG to include more women Canada immigrants to their workforce

Canada is facing a demographical crisis lately. The present working populating is aging and will be planning retirement is the next decade. Though Canada is emphasizing on its population growth due to its effective immigration policies but it is clearly evident that the working class will face a decline in the coming decades. Hence it is important to add more Canada immigrants into the workforce.

KPMG, the global provider of Audit, Tax and Advisory services is planning to hire more women from among the Canada immigrants into the workforce for their Canada subsidiary. According to Mary Lou Maher, the Canadian managing partner, quality and risk management, and Elio Luongo, the chief executive and senior partner of KPMG in Canada, around 50 percent of the population of Canada are women. However, most of women are either unemployed or are underutilized. This is mostly the scenario with the women who came to the country as Canada immigrants.

It has been estimated that women who enter the countries and Canada immigrants have a bachelor’s degree or even a higher degree. Yet, there income is around half of their Canadian counterparts. It is the time to make things better.

Both Mary and Elio believe that companies with diverse workforce have 33% chance of leading their industries in terms of profit.  At, KPMG, it is believed that diverse workforce is the key behind new ideas, perspective, client understanding and growth. Hence, KPMG is eager to employ women from around the globe who have flown to Canada as Canada immigrants.

This decision from KPMG is believed to open up better opportunities for women Canada immigrants who are planning to settle and work in the country. For more information of Canada immigration, Canada PR visa, contact Kansas Overseas Career, the best Canada immigration consultants in India. Call: 040-40307077  or Drop a mail to info@kansaz.com.

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