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Majority of Canadians hold a positive view about Immigration

Posted On: 24-Mar-2018
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Majority of Canadians hold a positive view about Immigration

In the era where you hear slogans like “America for Americans”, “Close borders now”, etc. in the United States protesting against immigration, the citizens of its immediate neighbor Canada, are enthusiastically encouraging immigration.

In the recent days, Environics Institute and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation conducted a survey, named the Annual Focus Canada on 2000 Canadians aged above 18 to find out how they perceive immigration and immigrants. The survey results were published on the same day when Statistics Canada revealed that international migration was key driver of population growth in the country during the last quarter of 2017.

Canadians as a whole continue to be more positive than negative about the current levels of immigrants coming to this country, and with the legitimacy of refugees who have been arriving,” says the study, equally pointing to the fact that “worldwide, Canadians are among the most accepting of immigrants in their country.” Of the total Canadians who took part in the survery, 60% expressed a favorable view of immigration. When they were asked about the impact of immigrants on the Canadian economy, the positive numbers grew by a more 20%.

In this study,  Environics also shared the findings of 2017 Gallup World Poll, a poll conducted on 140 countries each year. In this poll Canadians held a positive view about their cities as a welcoming place for immigrants. Of the total participants, 92% (approx. 9 in every 10 Canadians) said that their city is “a good place” for immigrantsThe study states that “Canadian public opinion on their community as a place for immigrants is significantly more positive than for all other 34 OECD countries (where the average is 65 per cent), and has been consistently so since 2006,”

Another notable achievement for Canadian immigration is its recognition in Gallup’s Migrant Index. The Maple country has been ranked on the 3rd position in the Migrant Acceptance Index, being measured on comfort levels and attitude immigrants receive in the nation. Only Iceland and New Zealand could defeat Canada in this aspect, making to the top two positions respectively. Not long ago, the World Happiness Report reflected Canada onto the 7th position in rankings of countries with best immigrant happiness.

On a wider spectrum, the survey finds that Canadians remain more inclined towards a generally positive view of Islam than a negative, while many nations like the United States are calling out against Muslim immigration.

The survey indeed throws a light on the fact that along with Canadian government and employers who believe skilled immigration is a need of the hour, Canadian citizens are equally supporting immigration to be win-win solution for both.

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