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Manitoba to open huge openings for its Labour Market 2018-2024

Posted On: 22-Nov-2018
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Manitoba to open huge openings for its Labour Market 2018-2024

Based on the new labor market outlook of the provincial government, it is expected that for Manitoba’s labor market the immigrants will be playing a crucial role in the upcoming years.

For the years, 2018 to 2024, a maximum of 168,700 employment opportunities are provided, i.e. 24,100 job openings for a year. Also, the labor markets of Manitoba have been benefitted with population growth through the Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). The nominee program nominates the candidates as per the count of economic immigrants needed for Permanent Residency each year.

Also, it has been stated by the report that, “Most of this growth is due to a concerted effort by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to use immigration to recruit for the labor market and entrepreneurial needs,”.

Also, it has been acclaimed that, “while maintaining the second-lowest unemployment rate and the third-highest labor force participation rate in Canada”, this population growth has been achieved by Manitoba.

The report iterates that, the arrival of the young demographics is helping the birth rates in Manitoba for noticeable level and, it even contributed in increasing the labor supply, which will be even going ahead in the recent years.

The province, Manitoba will be successfully immigrating 13,100 immigrants every year till 2024; however, the most will arrive through the MPNP one of the economic immigration.

Since, its start in the year 1998, the province has been providing a good support for the province by facilitating since the previous 20 years.

Though 90% of the immigrants have been settled with an employment last years and even the same range of people planning to stay in Canada. Also, as per the report, it is clear that, the province report that says the province “will make it easier for international students with a Manitoba education to build careers and settle in the province.”

It is even added that, according to the recent changes, it “will make it easier for international students with a Manitoba education to build careers and settle in the province.”

The Express Entry is the system guarantying the process time of less than 6 months for the Canada PR applications. It allows the skilled candidates to move Canada along an appropriate skilled worker visa.

What are the demand occupations of Manitoba?

For the next years 2018 and 2024, the service and sale jobs are targeting with huge openings with a total expectation of 33,300. Also, the in-demand occupations of Manitoba are administration & finance, Business occupations are predicted to be for 26,400, and admissions for in law & social,  education, government and community service occupations are likely to be at 23,600 of absolute job openings. Combined, the complete sum adds up to 83,300 expected employment.

Also, the major forecasted 66% openings will make the aged workforce replaced with young talents. And, the leftover, 34% of jobs will be over economic growth and make the province strong with skilled workers in the years 2019-2021.

If you are in plan to settle in Canada with PR visa, walk-in to our visa agency and our Canada visa agents will be soon in touch for further assistance.

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