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Medical Professionals required in large number- Western Australia reports

Posted On: 28-Jul-2017
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Western Australia, through its updated Skilled Immigration Occupation List has revealed that there is a huge requirement of skilled professionals in the medical sector. In this updated list, 18 occupations, among which majorly represented medical sector- Registered nurses, Midwife, Gynecologist, Psychiatrist, Neurosurgeon, Sonographer & GPs.  According to the list, a large of registered nurses & midwives are being invited in Western Australia this year. These professionals are majorly required for medial areas of preoperative care, emergency & critical units, mental healthcare, child & family healthcare, community health care etc. It is also stated that this updated list not only highlights the need of skilled medical professional in Western Australia but for the entire nation.

The Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan said that the current economic situation demands that the labor market is managed judiciously between the locals and the overseas workers. Hence, the visa approvals will be based upon the authenticity and economic need, he added.

For employers of Western Australia, who intend to fill the skills gap by hiring talent from overseas, Mark McGowan clearly intimated that the employers must will initially provide sufficient evidences that the local workers are either not fill for the role or insufficient in number to take up the positions. Only then the employers will be allowed to go ahead of bringing overseas talent.

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