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Microsoft to add 350 new IT development jobs in Vancouver

Posted On: 20-Jul-2016
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On June 17, 2016, in the presence of Premier Christy Clark, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mayor of Vancouver and other prominent government officials, Microsoft inaugurated its Canada Excellence Centre in the downtown of Vancouver. Microsoft aims at bringing in the best international talent to its Vancouver office and believes the comparably lenient policies of Canada will be an advantage to this initiative.

Sources reveal that Microsoft has decided to add over 350 IT development jobs to its Vancouver operations. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that this is a big news for Microsoft, Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada on the whole Premier Christy Clark said that this initiative is purposefully a very different direction and will open up the province to the best and the brightest around the world. The province is aiming to tear down the walls rather than building walls, he said.

The corporation believes that this center built at the heart of foreign talent will bring in $90 million as direct investment, and create an economic boost of $180 million for the city of Vancouver each year. Once the targeted number is filled, it is expected that Microsoft will then increase the number of positions to 750 or more.

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