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New Scheme for Low Skilled candidates to migrate to Northern Territory with Australian Permanent Residency

Posted On: 08-Jan-2019
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New Scheme for Low Skilled candidates to migrate to Northern Territory with Australian Permanent Residency

The Australia Government has stated that for the next five years, the Northern Territory will be accepting candidates with low skills and limited English requirement to work for minimum three years. It is now a great opportunity for the low skilled candidates belonging to the sectors from cooks to family day care workers to motor mechanics will now have the most opportunity to apply for Australian Permanent Residency.

Australia government has even made changes to its Skilled Occupation List. A total of 117 occupations have obtained the privilege from the Northern Territory to apply for the Permanent Residency. Also, they are benefitted to work and live in the same region for minimum 3 years.

In an aim to distribute the migrated population to the cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the government of Australia has structured a new scheme, namely Designation Area Migration Agreements (DAMA) for their migrants. This is now announced for the Warrnambool region in Victoria and the Northern Territory as they are facing labor shortages and aim for increasing their population.

On January 1st 2019, the DAMA II has come into effect with a pathway for Permanent Residency. David Coleman, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs stated that “The Government is working to improve our immigration program to better match the needs of our states, territories and regional areas”.

“Our first priority is always to fill jobs with Australians, but the immigration system can play an important role in helping to address regional skills gaps.

“I am pleased that we can continue to partner with the NT Government to support the skills needs of local businesses where Australian workers are not available to fill those jobs.”

NT Chief Minister – Michael Gunner stated that the introduction of the DAMA II with simpler ways for Permanent Residency has made it easy for the skilled migrants to move and settle in the NT for the longer term.

The Territory Labor Government’s number one priority is jobs for Territorians but we know access to and retention of, a suitably skilled workforce is a key issue for many employers and there is a need for additional workers”.

“The NT has a long and proud history of migration of overseas nationals and they have been a key contributor to economic growth, population growth, and social diversity. This new agreement will help that continue.”

With great new changes to its Australia Immigration System and Skilled Occupation List, the country is offering best pathways for their skilled candidates to move and settle with Australian Permanent Residency. To verify whether your occupation is listed in the in-demand list of Australia, feel free to speak with our expert Australia Immigration Consultants. Call @ 040-40307077.

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