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Natives believe that Australian immigration is strengthening their country

Posted On: 15-Mar-2019
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Natives believe that Australian immigration is strengthening their country

Australia is one of the top immigrant-friendly countries in the world. A recent survey was held involving 18 top nations that together hold the world’s largest immigration population. According to this survey, 64% of Australians think that immigration has strengthened their country. They believe that Australian immigration does not bring in burden. They think that the migrants have added to their workforce with their talents and skills. However, 31% of Australian are still against immigration as they see migrants taking up their jobs and social benefits. But this percentage is the third lowest visible in the survey of 18 countries.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world after the USA, Germany, UK, France, and Canada to welcome a huge number of immigrants each year. Each of these countries opened up to more than 7 million immigrants since 2017. According to Professor Nick Parr, Macquarie University demographer, Australia’s strong view on the migrants as a source of strength that brings in economic prosperity has started to change many viewpoints. The census data shows that half of the populations consist of migrants or individuals having at least one of parents born overseas.

Here is the graphical representation of the top 10 countries who think that immigration has benefited them

Natives believe that Australian immigration is strengthening their country

It has been noticed that the younger population has the most favorable view on immigration. The people in the age group of 18-29 think that Australian immigration adds to the economic well-being of the country. The same tone echoed in the countries like USA, UK, and Canada as well.

The survey also revealed that people with higher level of education and in the high-income range speaks in favor of immigration. According to Dr. Nick Economou, Monash University political scientist, Canada, and Australia are two counties who support migration strongly are also in favor of multiculturalism. Dr. Nick also added that most Australians believe multiculturalism has positively affected the economy and culture of the country.

There was a mixed opinion that whether the migrants are willing to adopt the ways and customs of the countries they migrate too. However, it showed that around 44% of the migrants were willing to adopt Australia culture and customs. This opinion was equally prevalent among the migrants of all the 18 countries.

The majority, almost two-third of the Australians did not believe that Australian immigration is to be blamed for crimes in the country. However, the opinions about migrants may invite terrorism divided the natives into equal halves. Around 49 % said that migrants did not invite terrorism while the 48% spoke otherwise.

Nevertheless, Australia is still sticking to its immigration-friendly policies which will pave the way for more Australian immigrants in the future.

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