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Nearly 563,000 Rise in Job Vacancy in Canada for 3rd Quarter of 2019

Posted On: 19-Dec-2019
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Nearly 563,000 Rise in Job Vacancy in Canada for 3rd Quarter of 2019

The latest report on the 3rd quarter of the year reported an increase of 2.2% job vacancy when compared to the similar quarter last year. Canadian statistics figured out around 562,900 job vacancies in the country.

Every year there is an increase in job vacancies by 12,200 but there is a drop in the number compared to last year’s quarter by 18,700. From the 2016 third quarter, there was a gradual increase in the posts opening.

job vacancies in canada

Canada Provinces like Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Yukon considerable increase in the vacancy and on the other hand Alberta, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia have faced a serious decrease.

Job sector-wise, trade and healthcare has the biggest rise in a job vacancy, and the manufacturing and warehousing industry declined.

Newfoundland disclosed around 800 jobs opening increased in the 3rd quarter i.e. equal to 20.4%. This was the sixth consecutive quarter of the province with a significant increase yearly.

An increase in retail trade and health care and social assistance was seen in Nova Scotia province. For this duration, 16.2% posting was increased which constitutes around 1,900 jobs.

In the French-speaking province, Quebec also saw a rise in 16.2% and 19,100 increase in vacancies. This percentage was for several industries. Among which retail trade and health care and social assistance accounted for half the number.

Significance decline in job opening was seen in Alberta and British Columbia enumerated to 5,900 (10%) and 4,300 (3.9%) jobs respectively.

Year on Year Job Vacancy Change By ProvinceTerritory

Industrial Job Vacancy

The motor vehicles and parts dealers, food and beverage stores, and building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers sectors experienced an inclusion of 9,400 openings in contrast to the previous year.

Further, the addition of health care and social assistance sector of 2,800, dominate in Quebec region.

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