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Nearly 80% of Australians Rely on Australian Immigration for Their Economic Development

Posted On: 13-Dec-2018
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Nearly 80% of Australians Rely on Australian Immigration for Their Economic Development

According to the Scanlon Foundation Report which was based on the opinions on population concerns and Australian immigration, 4 out of 5 Australians, i.e. 80% of the population had a positive impression for Australian immigration. Also, they are accepting it as a step to develop the economy.

The survey subjected nearly 1,500 Australians. About 52% of the response from the population supported the Australian immigration, and 43% of the people stated immigrants are becoming more for Australian population.

The Researcher of Monash University, Andrew Markus stated that:

  • 82% of the respondents report immigration as the best way to improve the society of Australia.
  • 80% of the Australians agree immigration to improve the quality of the country’s economy with immigrant’s new ideas and careers.

Impact of Australian Immigration on Australia Population:

After considering the immigration, the Australia population has successfully increased its population by 5 million. Also, the Australian Bureau of statistics aims 30 million populations between the period 2029 and 2033.

Though, the Australia immigration is having many positive impacts by a huge population, there are even few sections of people who aren’t happy with the arrival of the immigrants. Nearly 54% of the respondents are having concern with the cities, as they are being overcrowded. The next 49% of the population are showing their concern for the increasing housing projects. The rest 48% blame the Australia Government for not being responsible for population increase.

Hence, the government of Australia aims in improving its Population targets in order to make the Australian cities stress less. Also, the Scanlon Foundation Report projects a cut down of nearly 30,000 immigrants by the Scott Morrison.

For the year 2017-2018, the annual immigration intake for Australia PR visas was observed the lowest, i.e. only 163,000 Australia PR visas were provided by the Australia Permanent Residency Visas.


When the survey subjected the multiculturalism, 54% of the population suggested that the immigrants have to adopt the Australia culture and 37% of the population subjected the government to initialize few actions in order to maintain the customs and traditions of the immigrants.

As per the SBS report, it has been declared that since 2016, the rate of discrimination for the color, or religion has been reduced.

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