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The New Australia Immigration System Changes in 2019

Posted On: 02-Jan-2019
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The New Australia Immigration System Changes in 2019

Australia is welcoming the New Year with few important changes to its Australia Immigration. It has been updated that, there have been five important updates in 2019 for the Australia Immigration System.

  1. Partner Visas with Longer Process: During the last November, the Senate has passed the Family Violence Bill. It has now become mandatory to lodge an application and then to get approved for the partner visa sponsorships. Thus, it makes the process prolong for the applicants and sponsors in obtaining the Partner Visa.
  2.  An intro of new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa: Australia will now grant 15,000 visas each year for Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa Program. This will be having the validity of three to five years with a price varying from $5,000 and $10,000 respectively; however, they can be extended for a maximum period of 10 years only. Thus, the Australia Permanent Residents and Citizens can now be able to get their parents through this Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa.
  1. Increase in the fund deposits for foreign students: Australia Immigration government has increased the funds for the foreign candidates to nearly $20,290. For bringing their spouse or common-law partner an additional $7,100 and an additional $3,040 will be charged for bringing each child.
  2. Need of Matching the ATO tax records to salaries of employer-sponsored migrants: The Department of Home Affairs will be taking strong action on the companies which are underpaying to the employer-sponsored migrants. Hence, with the ATO partnership, the Home Affairs Department will be collecting tax filings of the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (482 visas) and 457 Visa to check if the candidates are receiving the right nominated salary or not.
  3. New Start-up Entrepreneur Visa for South Australia: The South Australia state is starting its new pilot program for their start-up entrepreneurs. The visa doesn’t demand the candidate with a fund of $200,000, but a band score of 5 is needed for the IELTS. However, the state may require the idea and plan of the business from the candidate for obtaining the visa.

To know more about the changes in Australia Immigration System in 2019, feel free to speak to our expert Australia Immigration Consultants.

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