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New Australia Visa to be introduced for Businessmen

Posted On: 05-Mar-2018
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New Australia Visa to be introduced for Businessmen

According to news published in SBS Australia, a prominent television network, the Australian Government shall be introducing a new visa for businessmen. This visa will help eligible candidates to establish their business in the country. “The visa will not require any mandatory funding outlay and applicant only needs to demonstrate vocational English”, says SBS.

The Federal Government states that to increase job opportunities and foster entrepreneurship, the new visa shall greatly help. Also, the state’s economy will improve by the new visa, expected to roll out next year. Sources reveal that the Federal Government has given an undertaking to South Australian Liberals to pilot this visa from South Australia.

Supporting this initiative, the Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton said, “The Turnbull Government is focused on increasing job opportunities and standards of living for Australians and we are doing this by fostering business growth and investment in Australia.”

Encouraging seed-stage entrepreneurs to take forward innovative ideas in Australia will assist in growing the jobs of the future,” he further added.

What are the estimated requirements for this new visa?

The new proposed visa is for foreign entrepreneurs and investors who have

  • Innovative business idea
  • Supporting Business Plan
  • Age under 45 years
  • Vocational English skills (5 bands each in four components of IELTS)
  • Sufficient Funds

Revealing further details of the proposed visa, South Australian Liberal leader, Steven Marshall said that initially eligible entrepreneurs will be able to apply for a temporary stay through this visa and establish their ventures in Australia. After a successful business venture set up in Australia, the entrepreneurs will become eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency status. Notably, the $200,000 capital backing which is mandatory for current entrepreneur visa will not be required for the new proposed visa.

We are confident that this arrangement can lead to participants applying for permanent residence in South Australia as they develop their business plans into successful enterprises creating new companies and jobs in our state,” said proudly Mr. Stevens.

“These arrangements will also encourage more investment in those sectors of our economy with the greatest capacity to grow, including advanced manufacturing and defense technology following the Federal Government’s decision to centre the naval shipbuilding program in South Australia,” he continued.

Encouraging businessmen and professionals to choose South Australia for migration, An Indian migrant and a migration agent, Navjot Singh Kailay says South Australia is the best place in Australia for people looking out for better prospects. Navjot Singh moved to Melbourne from Adelaide last year, where he lived for more than a decade. “The current policies in SA are such that are designed to attract only business migration and not retaining skilled migrants in the state,” says Mr. Kailay.

Skilled workers are being invited to South Australia and many more popular states of Australia. To check your scope for Australia immigration, speak to an Australian expert today.

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