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New Immigration Minister wants to entice More Migrants into the Australia Regions

Posted On: 27-Sep-2018
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New Immigration Minister wants to entice More Migrants into the Australia Regions

David Coleman, Australia’s new Immigration Minister has flagged a revamp of regional visas; he further added some towns are apparently begging for migrants.

The Australia Immigration Minister also feels the present pattern of immigration is definitely not matching with the growing needs of the regional areas.  He also feels there is no match between the regional level of migration and regional needs, hence he is closely monitoring the situation.

Presently, there exists a number of different regional visa classes. The Australia Immigration Minister is assessing each of the program’s effectiveness and varied ways to improve the above programs. At the moment, migrants have several visa options available to them to fill the skill shortage for both regional as well as rural Australia.

He revealed that towns Warrnambool in Victoria (one of the densely populated state), the Goldfields region of Western Australia and the entire state of South Australia, are all seeking thousands of migrants so that they can develop regional as well as rural economies.

He further added that presently he came across numerous situations where many regions are seeking additional immigration so that they will not find any difficulty to meet their economic needs. He is aware right now there exist few regional gaps in employment.

The Department of Home Affairs has compiled the figures, according to them, nearing to 10,918 were allocated under Regional Sponsored Migration scheme for the financial year 2016 to 2017. Along with the 1,670 Skilled Regional Visas, they comprise nearing to 10% of the permanent migration visas.

Earlier Peter Dutton, Home Affairs Ministry was holding the immigration portfolio, presently Mr.Coleman is handling the above portfolio along with Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Ministries.

He said, the history of Australia is one of immigration apart from Indigenous Australians, most of them are immigrants. Nearing to 44% of his electorate were born in foreign nations and most of them have Chinese ancestry, they are largest migrant group.

The Immigration Minister also stated that he does not want to go deep on the issue of Australian citizenship and the government’s intention to revive plans for change in the requirements to become an Australia citizen.

During the last year, the Senate rejected as invalid the controversial plans to introduce a tougher English test in order to increase the residency requirements and requiring the applicants to sign an Australian Values Statement.

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