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New Poll Reveals increased support for Foreign students in the UK

Posted On: 11-Sep-2018
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New Poll Reveals increased support for Foreign students in the UK

Sam Gyimah, UK Minister for Universities, Science, Research & innovation has lent support to UK Universities for the new Study Visas which would enable foreign students to acquire work experience in the UK for up to 2 years after completion of their graduation.

Last week, while speaking at the UK annual Conference in Sheffield, he stated that he welcomes the fresh thinking on UK Universities proposal for expanding post study work offers to foreign students. He further added, if we wish our universities must win globally, our actions should match with our ambition.

In the year 2012, the government of UK scrapped the post-study work visa, which enabled the foreign students (non-European Union) to stay in the UK and work for a period up to 2 years after they completed their graduation.

By making the eligibility rules more stringent for post-study work opportunities in the UK may have a major impact on prospective applicants from specific nations such as India.

Presently, foreign students should find a job with a minimum salary of £20,800(US$26,700) at an employer having a Tier 2 sponsor license within 4 months of completion of the course or they must find a sponsorship as an entrepreneur. Ph.D. students are able to stay up to a one year after completion of their degree. A proposal for a new visa would enable foreign students to stay for long periods, so that they can search for a UK TIER 2 VISA eligible role.

Immigration friendly nations such as Canada, Australia and US have experienced increased growth in international demand for study, while the total number of foreign students enrolled in the UK has stayed flat, which has led to lost market share.

Students prefer to study abroad in nations such as Canada and US because it offers foreign graduates an opportunity to stay as well as work for a period up to 3 years after completion of their graduation and Australia enables them to stay for a period up to 4 years.

According to the new poll from ComRes has revealed there has been increased support for foreign students as well as graduates in the UK. Nearing to 3 quarters, say around 72% British adults who have voted think that foreign students must be able to stay in the UK post-graduation for 1 or more years in order to acquire work experience.

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