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New Ranking System of Quebec Immigration- Details Released

Posted On: 02-Aug-2018
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New Ranking System of Quebec Immigration- Details Released

On 1 August, 2018 MIDI released information on how the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa applications will be organized and ranked in Quebec’s new Expression of bank.

According to the news published in CICnews.com, work experience obtained in the United States of America will be counted among the ranking factors. This makes the Quebec immigration system the first in Canada to consider US work experience in ranking of applications. In precise, the applications submitted to the Expression of Interest Bank under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) will be divided into two groups:

  1. Candidates residing in Quebec or candidates with a Quebec job offer
  2. Candidates residing outside Quebec

The new regulations published on August 1, elaborate on the differences and selection factors of each group.

Group 1: Residing in Quebec or with Quebec job offer

  • Candidates must have a job offer from an employer in Quebec
  • Or
  • The candidate must be residing in Quebec with a principal goal of working. He/she must have a eligible degree from a Quebec educational institute with a work permit (or) must be currently working in Quebec on a work permit with a validity over 12 months along with a prior six months full-time work experience.

Candidates who meet the above category are ranked in for the following 7 factors:

  • Age
  • Quebec Diploma
  • Canadian or U.S work experience
  • Proficiency in French
  • Knowledge of other languages
  • Education
  • Spouse factors- education and proficiency in French language

Candidates in this group, that is who are either residing in Quebec or have a Quebec job offer will also receive points for Skills Transferability factor. This factor is a combination of few factors like:

  • Education+ Proficiency in French (either of primary applicant or accompanying spouse/common law partner)


  • Education Work Experience in Canada/US Proficiency in Frenc


  • Foreign work experience+ Proficiency in French


  • Foreign work experience Work Experience in Canada/US Proficiency in French Language

Group 2: Residing outside Quebec

Candidates in this group will be ranked based on scores obtained under the following eight factors:

Candidates residing outside Quebec will be ranked on the scores they obtained under the following factors

  • Age
  • Quebec degree
  • Canadian or U.S. work experience
  • Training that Quebec has listed as in-demand
  • Proficiency in French
  • Knowledge of other languages
  • Education
  • Spouse/common law partner factors-education and proficiency in French language

Similar to the group 1, candidates residing outside Quebec can also claim points for combination of the given factors under Skill Transferability.

It is important to note here that the above information is limited and more details on the points structure for various factors (new factors like US experience, Skills transferability etc.) have not been released yet. Any further update on this will be shared upon official release.

Functioning of the Expression of Interest Bank & Selection of applications

As stated earlier by MIDI that highest points may not be the only factor that would be considered in selection of an application. An invitation to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate may be issued to highest scoring candidates, also taking into account several factors like- criterion relating to a foreign national’s ability to successfully stay or settle in Quebec, (such as training or a trade or occupation), a region of destination in Québec, a country or region affected by a humanitarian crisis or the existence of an international commitment, etc.

With respect to whether the Expression of Interest Bank of Quebec is similar to the Expression of Interest Pool of Canada Express Entry, CICnews highlights a few major correlations.

  • Points are alloted for each factor and accumulated for selection
  • Frequent draws shall be conducted to pick up applications from the Bank (alike Express Entry)
  • As Quebec announces two group selection mechanism, there are predictions that draws may be conducted in a group specific pattern (like FSW and FSTW specific draws for Express Entry)
  • Additional factors (with additional points) could have a similar fast-track effect for PR success (like Quebec job offer)

While EOI Quebec may have several mutual factors with EOI Canada Express Entry, one major difference between the two could be transparency, believes Attorney David Cohen, the senior attorney with the Campbell Cohen Canadian immigration law firm.

He says “Invitations through Express Entry are based on a candidate’s score, whereas Quebec’s EOI system has much more discretion built into it.”

This leaves MIDI potentially free to select candidates who meet specific labour needs in the province. Whether those needs will be specified when candidates are invited remains to be seen,” he further adds.


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