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The New UK Immigration Rules Ease Work Visas for Low Skilled Migrants

Posted On: 21-Dec-2018
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The New UK Immigration Rules Ease Work Visas for Low Skilled Migrants

The United Kingdom is going to make its Work Visas simpler for the low-skilled migrants during its Post-Brexit period. Nearly 10s of 1,000s are going to get permitted to work in the nation for nearly 1 year under the new UK immigration rules. Also, these rules and targets are expected to be effective until 2025. These rules are framed for safeguarding the dependent parts of the UK economy, which are mostly depended on overseas labour.

Sajid Javid, the UK’s Home Secretary stated that, this new UK Immigration system will be depending on the UK’s needs. However, the nation of origin of the immigrants is not considered.  Also, the announcement of easier Work Visa Process for the low skilled migrants outlines the rules which are prior for formalizing the legislation of the UK Government.

The UK Home Secretary added that, the rules which are framed will wield control over its national border. Also, this will help in delivering clear set declarations of the UK Nationals during their voting to exit the EU. The free movement is being ended from the EU acts as an important prospect of the Brexit deal of Mrs. May.

Further, the government of the UK states that, low skilled migrants and the unskilled migrants cannot be able to travel the UK for obtaining the United Kingdom Permanent Residency. Until and unless, if they are the individuals belonging from the nations with low-risk in EU and outside for arriving at the UK as a transitional measure. Also, these individuals are granted to work for up to a year, even without a job offer.

These measures aimed by the UK immigration government to fulfill its vacancies in the social care and construction sectors. Also, these are dependent on the workers of EU. Hence, the Ministers of UK are now worried in adjusting with the closure of the free movement.

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