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Next Year, Canadian Government is ready to accept more number of Parent and Grandparent sponsorship applications

Posted On: 22-Aug-2018
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Next Year, Canadian Government is ready to accept more number of Parent and Grandparent sponsorship applications

Today, at an event in Vancouver, the immigration minister Ahmed Hussen made an announcement about the changes. He stated that, Canadian Government led by Trudeau, is scrapping its unpopular lottery system for immigrants who wish to reunite with their parents as well as grandparents. Next year, it also intends to increase the number of sponsorship applications.

The above changes would come into effect, next year and it would replace the random selection process with first come first serve for the application process.

Only in the previous year, lottery system was introduced; many potential sponsors criticized and felt it was unfair. The minister further added that, his department is responding to the feedback they have received and they would have more improvements to the program to announce this fall.

The current cap is around 17,000 applications and next year, it would admit up to 20,500 applications and in 2020 it will admit, around 21,000 applications. In 2016, it accepted nearing to 10,000 applications, to reach the above targets, the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada will accept 20,500 parent as well as grandparent applications.

In the New Year, the applicants who are interested to sponsor, are required to submit the form online. The government, instead of randomly selecting it would invite the applicants based on the order in which they have received their interest to sponsor forms.

During the previous year, more than 95,000 applications were filed online. From the specific pool, only 10,000 potential sponsors were randomly selected and they were sent an email inviting them to submit their application. Introduction of lottery system was also an attempt to make the system more fair as well as transparent but after numerous complaints, the process was skewed by geography as well as applicants ability to pay to a lawyer or other representative to get ahead in the queue.

The family reunification program has been facing trouble because of massive backlogs in the past and the number of applicants were more but the spots were limited. As per the immigration report, the number dropped from a peak of 1,67,000 people in 2011 to as below as 26,000 people in June 2018.

The above point was highlighted; accepting more applications does not necessarily mean that there would be more people who will be allowed to come to Maple leaf nation.

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