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No more Australia 457 Visa for Fast Food Operators- says the Australian Government

Posted On: 11-Mar-2017
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The Australian Government has made it official that it will very soon put a complete ban on issuing 457 visas for fast food industry personals. As of the news, this initiative is taken for the purpose of immigration control. The government sources associated to this news have reported that since the past 5 yrs, over 500 foreign workers from fast food sector alone have been granted a 457 visa. Such a thing is now deemed unnecessary as it has taken a majority of jobs from the Australian workforce. While 457 visa is a four-year visa specifically for short skill businesses to allow foreign workers to migrate to Australia with their families and live up to a period of 4 yrs, it must be only considered when the employer is unable to find a right candidate for the role within the country. But with the current fast food industry employers, they are more specifically considering this as an option to bring in cheap labor from outside rather than paying a higher amount for the skilled labor within the country, who are well eligible for the jobs.

Industries like KFC, McDonald’s and much more as such have been observed bringing in people to Australia from outside while there was a good crowd who could fit in the vacant positions of these industries. While this is a relief to the eligible candidates of the country striving for jobs in the fast food sector of Australia, it would be a disadvantage for industries keen on staffing labor at a lower price from outside.

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