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NSW opens up more opportunities for Indian IT workers to migrate to Australia

Posted On: 05-Feb-2019
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NSW opens up more opportunities for Indian IT workers to migrate to Australia

The NSW government has decided to outsource one-third of the IT jobs for its Road and Maritime services to Indian company Wipro.  Wipro employees from India will fill -in 30% of the IT jobs for the Roads and Maritime Services for the NSW Government. This decision was taken to cut down on the employment cost. This indicates Australia immigration chances will be higher for the Indian It employees.

Wipro is already involved in the Sydney Water projects where they have got the tender to design the water billing and the customer relationship management system. According to the resources, there are around 300 Wipro staffs that have already migrated to Australia to work on the project. The workers moving to Australian to work on the projects earn their Indian salary added to which they receive allowances to adjust to the higher cost-of-living in the country.

Table 1. contains a list of number of Australia PR visa granted under the skilled migration program under some specific occupation along with the temporary residence under the visa subclass 457 issued in 2015-16.

Occupation Australia PR Visa subclass 457 Total
Accountants 4363 982 5345
Auditors 2008 250 2258
Total Accounts professionals 6,371 1232 7603
ICT Analysts 1848 2208 4056
Programmers 6150 4984 11,134
Computer Networkers 1735 260 1995
Total ICT Professionals 9733 7452 17,185
Total Engineering Professionals 6847 1097 7944
Other occupations 37784 35614 73398

 (Source -https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2019/02/nsw-government-replaces-locals-indian-workers)

Reflecting from the list above, we can conclude that the Indian IT employees are the once who are targeted by the Australian government and have higher chance to migrate to Australia as intra-company transferees.

Table 2. Shows the number of temporary Business Visas and Australia PR issued to the nationals of different countries in the year 2015-16.

Nationality Permanent Resident Temporary Business Entry
India 5570 5671
Pakistan 547 28
China,PRC 728 131
Phillipines 344 199
United Kingdom 263 191
Iran 135 15
Sri Lanka 206 20
Bangladesh 112 05
Malaysia 132 24
Nepal 216 9

(Source -https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2019/02/nsw-government-replaces-locals-Indian-workers)

The above mentioned stats make it apparent that the Indian IT workers are much in demand in most parts for Australia. However, migrating to Australia includes some phases that require professional assistance. The candidates need to undergo an evaluation process and score at list 67 points according to the point based evaluation system.

Kansas Overseas Career® team is your right guide to help you with all the pre-requisites needed to clear the evaluation process. You can also check your scopes for earning points on the Australia Point Calculator. For more information get in touch with our Australia immigration consultants now!

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