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Ontario introduces Completeness Check feature on OINP application

Posted On: 26-Mar-2018
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Ontario introduces Completeness Check feature on OINP application

The Ontario province introduced a completeness check feature on applications of its Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. The province says that under the section 5 of Ontario Regulation 421/17 (Approvals under the OINP and other matters) of Ontario Immigration Act, 2015, all applications will be reviewed for completeness.

Process of Completeness Check

As per the program parameters, the applicant must complete the application and pass it through completeness check. This check will help the applicant know whether all the documents required are submitted accurately and the information provided fulfills the OINP requirements. After the check is completed, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program will issue a letter acknowledging and expressing that your application meets all OINP eligibility requirements and has been forwarded to a formal assessment.

In a case that your application fails the completeness check, the applicant is given a time of 14 days to submit proper information/relevant documents that they have missed out during application submission.

Missing the completeness check

In a case that the applicant fails to provide the missed out information within 14 given days, a notification will be sent stating that his/her application is incomplete for further submission. The application fee may also be refunded. A condition Ontario states with this additional time is that though applicant can use this time to submit a missed out language proficiency test, he/she cannot the additional time to take up the language proficiency test.

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