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Over 500,000 Canadian Job Vacancies – 80% of Jobs for Permanent Positions

Posted On: 19-Jun-2019
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Over 500,000 Canadian Job Vacancies – 80% of Jobs for Permanent Positions

The first three months of 2019 has represented a great sign for skilled professionals. There has been a massive increase in job vacancies. Comparing with 2018, 2019 has shown good results in job vacancies.

Statistics Canada stated that among these vacancies, nearly 80 percent of them referred for permanent placements. In the first quarter, Canada announced about 506,000 vacancies. This is an increase of over 44,000 vacancies from 2018’s first quarter.

This increase in labor shortage is entirely due to the aging population and rise of Canadians meeting the retirement age. For this challenge, the only essential component felt by the Canadian government is increasing the immigration levels. Within this, the country can gain a majority of young talents to fulfill their employment needs.

Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia in need of Skilled Professionals

Quebec: The province is representing the most number of job vacancies in the first three months of this year. There is an increase of 21,400 vacancies with most of the occupations related to healthcare and social assistance, manufacturing and food services and accommodation. LaMauricie and Laurentides – two economic regions of Quebec have been placed in the first and third in terms of Canadian job vacancies.

Ontario: It is the second highest province representing the highest year-over-year increase at 12,400 job vacancies. Most of them related to health care and social assistance, professional, retail trade, scientific and technical services, and food services sectors and accommodation.

British Columbia: The province represented a year-over-year increase of 9,300 vacancies. According to the Statistics of Canada, British Columbia’s employment vacancy rate of 4.4 percent is the highest among the provinces and territories. Additionally, it is the only province above the national average percentage.

80 Percentages of Vacancies for Permanent Positions – Statistics Canada

As per the statements of Statistics Canada, about 79.9 percent vacancies were for permanent positions, i.e., the employment was associated with higher salaries, benefits, etc. Also, this now creates the most possibilities to become a Canadian Permanent Resident for professionals.

Vacancy increased in Industrial Sectors from 2018 to 2019

Comparing to the first three months of 2018 – 2019, there is an increase in seven of 10 industrial sectors. The growth was much associated with the healthcare and social assistance sector, professional, scientific, and technical services.

Under the health care and social services sector, over 9,900 vacancies were represented. Among these, the largest increases were associated with nursing and residential care facilities. Alongside, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island contributed to “relatively large growth.”

For the professional, scientific, and technical sector, the first quarter sector grew by 9,100 in most provinces. Also, this sector has seen the fastest growth in payroll employment within the 10 industrial sectors.

Whereas, year-over-year job vacancies increased in the manufacturing, retail trade, accommodation and food services, and educational services within the first three months of 2019. The Statistics of Canada even stated that “The average offered hourly wage for vacant positions in the sector increased by $1.20 (4.2 percent) to $30.10, the highest offered wage among the 10 largest industrial sectors.”

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