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Passport Index ranks Canadian Passport World’s 4th Most Powerful

Posted On: 08-Feb-2018
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Passport Index ranks Canadian Passport World’s 4th Most Powerful

In the latest version of Passport Index, Canada stands on the 4th position for having a most powerful passport. Canada until 2016 was ranked as the 6th most powerful passports of the world. In 2017, it went two levels up and badges the fourth position in the same index. Also, Canada stands in lined with the United States, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland and South Korea when it comes to visa-waived travel/entry.

Not just this, but the investment immigration program offered by Canada is a favorite of many affluent immigrants who seek to becomes citizens of Canada via investment. The best program which suits this context as an example is the Immigrant Investor Program of Qubec, which offers Canada PR in lieu of single investment in a program guaranteed by the government.

The German Passport has been crowned for being the 1ST Most Powerful Passports globally. A traveller can explore more than 170 countries on German passport and is benefitted with the visa-waiver facility.

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