Processing time for family immigration program reduced

Posted on December 7, 2016

Federal Immigration Minister of Canada, John McCallum has announced a reduction in the processing time for spousal/common-law partner immigration program. This announcement was made by the Minister on December, 7 in Brampton, Ontario. Initially, while it would take over 24 months for one to receive a sponsored visa, now the time has been reduced to 12 months. Sources believe that in the near future, it may go down to just 6 months. As John McCallum clearly stated that this change of process time would benefit the applicants whose application is already in process, it comes a breath reliever to thousands of sponsors and sponsored persons in and around Canada who have already their applications in process. Nevertheless, it is a good news for the couples planning for the program in future.

“The proposition I guarantee is that the time is now 12 months, down from 24,” said Minister McCallum. “The changes we’re announcing will last, will be permanent. Politicians come and go, governments come and go, but departments are always there. And we have enlisted their enthusiasm, their involvement in creating this new system and so I think Canadians can be confident that these positive changes are here to stay”.

The Minister aims to welcome over 64,000 new permanent residents as the spouses, common-law partners, or dependent children of Canadian citizens or permanent residents by the end of 2017.

“This will be of benefit to the 64,000 spouses we plan to admit to Canada in the coming year, but it will be of benefit to all Canadians because I think that people are more productive citizens, they do better overall when they are with their families than when they are isolated from their families,” said McCallum.