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Quebec Immigration- Applications Process to begin from July 15, 2017

Posted On: 06-Jul-2017
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As of the media release by Mon Projet Quebec, the authorities are gearing up to process applications submitted to Mon Projet Quebec immigration from July 15, 2017. The applications will be reviewed as per the norms of enhanced Quebec Immigration procedures & policies. It is also stated that the process of applications submitted before December 31, 2015 will remain in progress.

While all provinces follow Canada immigration through Canada Express Entry System, Quebec follows its own set of immigration rules. Unlike any other system of Canada, it has a first-come first-serve submission format.

Why Quebec Immigration?

  • Quebec is one of the most happening place of Canada- for work & study both
  • Place with the lowest unemployment recorded
  • Over 165,000 new jobs created (majorly targeting immigrants)
  • You enjoy all rights of becoming Canadian Permanent Residents
  • You don’t need high IELTS score to qualify
  • While being in Express Entry you can still apply for Quebec
  • In rare cases, candidates not eligible for the FSW program may be able to crack the eligibility criteria of Quebec

Should you wish to seek any further details or want to know which is best for you, Canada immigration or Quebec Immigration, our Immigration Experts are here to help you. Send us a simple e-message & we’ll arrange a free counseling over telephone for you.

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