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Quebec immigration changes- more focus on French values

Posted On: 08-Feb-2019
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Quebec immigration changes- more focus on French values

The Government of Quebec has proposed modifications of the Quebec immigration system which is a very important segment of the Canada immigration. They have canceled 18,000 applications to clear the backlog. They have now decided to invite more immigrants to the province based on the exact job requirements prevalent in the region.

Premier Francois Legault did not however put forward any details about how the Government is planning to evaluate the candidates under the Quebec immigration program on French languages and values after they have completed three years of stay in the province. However, proposed Bill 9 presents a broader focus on how similar evaluation processes will help in matching the immigrants to the right job opening.

According to Legault, not too many immigrants aspiring to have Permanent Residency in Canada and also in Quebec match the criteria of job openings in the province. Most of them do not speak French. The Premier also added that free French learning classes will be provided to the Quebec immigration aspirants or who have applied for Canada immigration and willing to settle in Quebec. The candidates will be evaluated based on the Quebec Bill of Right and Freedom. This will help them to place the right candidates for the right job.

However, the proposed bill does add more power to learning a language or values without thinking of how it would revoke when a particular individual fails to clear the test. Moreover, this will mean a person qualifying under the Quebec immigration program will have to stay his/her permanent residency status linked to a particular province outside Montreal.

The proposed Bill will bring Quebec and Ottawa in straight conflict with each other as Ottawa hold the control of the permanent residency status for Canada immigration as per federal-provincial arrangement.

According to immigration lawyer Stephane Handfield, this will give Quebec the power to control over the permanent residency status.  The immigration minister Simon-Jolin Barrette is of the opinion that the main intention of the legislation is to match the job seeker with the available opportunities in the provinces.

The backlog of 18,000 applications has been cleared and Mr. Jolin Barrette wants to revamp the system on the first-come, first serve basis to match the worker shortage the provinces are facing. He calls the present system “human and respectful” while Mr. Stephane Handfield mentions it as devastating for families who have invested money for Canada immigration with the intent to work and settle in Quebec.

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