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Quebec New Immigration System-Details Released

Posted On: 19-Jul-2018
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Quebec New Immigration System-Details Released

As announced earlier in March, Quebec will replace its first-come first-served application process for Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and also eliminate the complicated application through Mon Projet Quebec. Thereafter, through a news published in the initial days of July 2018, it was confirmed that this new system would come into effect from August 2, 2018. However, MIDI- the official department of Quebec immigration was still reviewing the details of the new system.

On July 18, MIDI successfully released these details of the New Immigration System Quebec; officially available at the CICnews.com. The newly published regulations highlight “first an online Expression of Interest must be submitted to Quebec Immigration Ministry- MIDI”

In his French tweet, the Quebec Immigration Minister, David Heurtel wrote “Quebec’s government is putting in place an immigration system that is cutting edge, effective and performance-driven; a system that’s more in line with the actual needs of Quebec society and its labour market,”

When talked about Quebec’s New Immigration System, the points structure and selection factors remain quite similar to that of current QSWP points grid, with the exception of a Validated Employment Offer, which increases from a maximum of 10 to 14 points. Some variables under the “Stay and Family in Quebec” factor are also weighted differently, though the maximum points available under the factor remains 8.

Summarizing the Quebec New Immigration-Application Pattern

Stage 1: Candidates aged 18 years or above can submit their profile to the Expression of Interest Bank. Each profile in the bank is allotted with a score based on factors like skilled work experience, education and training, proficiency in English or French, financial self-sufficiency, spouse/common law partner factors, accompanying children, valid job offer, stay or family in Quebec etc. However, in order be considered, a candidate needs to score min 2 points for their education (secondary school general diploma) and 1 point for financial self sufficiency.

Stage 2: After meeting these initial requirements of the education and financial self sufficiency, the candidate needs to reach a cut-off score 43 points for a grouping of factors called Employability (which include score in education, area of training, work experience, age, language proficiency, stay or family in Quebec and a valid employment offer*). For candidates who are applying with spouse factors included in the application, the cut-off score is 52 points.

*Valid employment offer is not mandatory but having one can help the candidate claim bonus points under Employability grouping

Stage 3: Candidates who are able to meet the Employability threshold are then judged upon another grouping of factors called Selection (which include six above mentioned factors of Employability plus accompanying children and financial sufficiency). For the Selection group factors, candidates who are migrating individually need a score of 50 points while those who are including spouse/common law partner need 59 points.

While 50/59 points is the final score a candidate needs, this does not necessarily mean the candidate will be invited to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificate de sélection du Québec, or CSQ).

Invitations may be issued to the highest scoring candidates, but incoming changes to Quebec’s Immigration Act state that other selection criteria or conditions may apply.

Section 44 of the updated Act states that “criterion relating to a foreign national’s ability to successfully stay or settle in Quebec, such as training or a trade or occupation” may determine invitations. Other criteria may include “a region of destination in Québec, a country or region affected by a humanitarian crisis or the existence of an international commitment.”

According to Quebec Immigration Minister, David Heurtel, candidates with best skilled work experience in occupations which Quebec faces shortage will be moved to the front of the line for selection. As the motive of the new Quebec Immigration regulations is addressing the needs of labour shortage and filling a million vacant jobs over next 10 years, candidates with Quebec stay factor, area of training factor, valid job offer, highest skilled work experience in high demand occupation etc. seem to have highest scope of success.

Stage 4: After receiving their Invitation to Apply for a Selection Certificate (CSQ), the selected candidate will have 90 days time to submit his application. The process is expected to be completed in 12 months under the new system. This is indeed a promising change from the long-waited 32 months process of the current system.

Candidates who receive their CSQ can then apply for a PR card to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Major Benefits of Quebec New Immigration System over the current one

  • Application Made Easier- Mon Projet system replaced with an Expression of Interest profile.
  • No more intake periods– First come first serve success replaced with easy skilled-points based selection through EOI bank
  • Millions of workers can apply– The limit based/ cap based intakes replaced with unlimited number of EOIs that can be submitted to the system
  • Process time reduced now– The lengthy process of 32-36 months replaced with a processing time of 12 months

Keen to know the points structure and breakdown of points too? We’d like to keep you waiting for a day or two. We shall soon share a blog post that gives a detailed insight into Quebec New Immigration system points and selection pattern.

In the meantime, you can read some interesting & informative blogs on Canada/Australia immigration on our blog page or get in touch with our immigration expert for related queries.

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