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Quebec will accept 5000 candidates in its upcoming intake period

Posted On: 31-Mar-2017
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Quebec Skilled Worker Program, one of the most popular Canadian immigration programs managed by the Quebec province has been all set with its upcoming intake period. According to the announcement made on March 30 in the Gazette Officielle du Quebec- a list of all legislative and regulatory decisions of Quebec Government, this year Quebec will accept up to 5,000 applications for its Quebec Skilled Worker Program. As Quebec works on a first-come-first-served basis, applications that are submitted in within this 5,000 quota will be taken during the next submission period. However, the date of the intake period is not yet announced.

Similarly, another good news associated with Quebec immigration is its long-term budget to bring in new immigrants into the province. Aiming to bring in over 5000 immigrants in within the next 12 months, Quebec government has allocated $179.4 million for this project for the next five years. Sources reveal that $13.5 million will be invested to retain and simultaneously bring international students and the rest to boost the French-Canadian culture among immigrants in the province. One of the initiatives taken recently to boost the French-Canadian culture of the province is the Francization program by  Quebec. This program is for immigrants who have little or no French knowledge. In this program, the government takes the initiative to impart free French courses to immigrants which will make it easy for them to settle in Quebec and also find a job in case they haven’t found one. Plus, an investment into a $1.6 million scheme has been made to encourage international students residing in Montreal to continue their stay post graduation. The scheme to retain students is named “I Choose Montreal” and is run by the Economic Development Organization Montreal International, in support of the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity & Inclusion (MIDI). With this, the authorities hope that the students will learn about the culture, language and gain skills that will simplify their efforts to make Canada their permanent home.

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