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Quebec’s revised Selection Point Grid & New High Demand Occupation List

Posted On: 24-Mar-2017
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Quebec, a province of Canada that follows its own immigration policies has made some key changes to its Points Grid of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The changes would come into effect from March 8, 2017 and are majorly focused on two parameters- Education Level and Area of Training.  According to the news, the aim of these amendments is to provide value to French language skills and endorse several areas of professional training.

Following are the changes made to the Points Grid of the Quebec Skilled Worker:

  • Increase in the qualifying score and the cut-off score for employability
  • Applicants with vocational secondary/technical post-secondary education or areas of training in demanded occupation of the province shall receive no extra points
  • Decrease in points for few areas of training

What has changed in the selection grid framework?

As of the new selection grid framework, the areas of training points will decrease for skilled workers while the passing marks have been increased. Applicants with French language & the ones with skills in high in demand occupation (with or without French knowledge) will find it easy to qualify. However, the basic criterion remains the same, as follows:

  • Age between 30-35 yrs
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • English language skills

The New High Demand Occupations List

For the overseas applicants applying for the Quebec Selection Certificate, the government of Quebec has released the New Areas of Training List. This list is one of the important elements considered for evaluation of candidates chances for a Selection Certificate through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). It also works as a high in demand occupational list and provides a support in assessing one’s employability skills for CSQ in alignment to their qualification. As of the new selection framework, applicants with knowledge of French language are given a higher preference. Besides, applicants without French knowledge but experience and skills in engineering, computer science, financial services, nursing etc. are also expected to be selected at a high-priority preference.

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