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Re-Open Of Skilled Nominated Visa Program To Benefit Skilled Professionals

Posted On: 14-Nov-2018
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Re-Open Of Skilled Nominated Visa Program To Benefit Skilled Professionals

According to the recent changes, the Government of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is going to re-introduce its Skilled Migration State Nomination Program on 29th November of this year. Though, the Skilled Nominated Visa Program (subclass 190) was shut for the reason of receiving more applications on 29th June 2018, the Government of ACT has re-scheduled for welcoming skilled candidates for Australian PR.

It has been declared by the Migration and Education Expert, Chaman Preet of Melbourne that, “Demand for the 190 visas in the ACT has exceeded the Territory’s allocation in recent years, so replacing the first-in, first-served system with a merit-based assessment that is more in line with other jurisdictions around Australia will moderate supply and demand throughout the year and more effectively address the ACT’s skills needs”. Hence, it is clearly stated that, the ACT is going to supply its Australia PR until it meets its skills needs.

Further, the Migration and Education Expert added that “FINE assesses the demand and supply of labour across different occupations according to economic, social and training variables to identify the skills gaps that are not being met by the local workforce in the ACT.”

FINE stands for Forecasting of Industry Needs and Entitlement. It is a model introduced by the Government of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in order to update the ongoing and looming occupations needed by the ACT.

Hence, with the new changes, it is expected that, the skilled candidates who are in a plan of settling in Australia as Australian Permanent Residents gain the best advantage.

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