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2018 saw a huge surge in Canada Tourism- record number of tourists got Canada tourist visa

Posted On: 27-Feb-2019
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2018 saw a huge surge in Canada Tourism- record number of tourists got Canada tourist visa

2018 witnessed a deluge in Canada Tourism with 21.13 million people visiting Canada on Canada tourist visa among which the first time visitors were over the 21 million. USA tourists had the highest counts with 14.44 million. The overnight arrivals from the US frog leaped to as high as 6.7 million which was around 32 percent for the total tourists; the highest recorded since 2004. The Chinese tourists registered around 737,379 which were around 6 percent more than 2017. French tourists also recorded a 5 percent increase compared to 2017 with 604,166 visitors. Mexican tourists leaped the 400,000 thresholds as well.

According to Ben Cowan-Dewar, the chairperson of Destination Canada, these figures were proof of the hard work that the employees of Canada Tourism have invested. Destination Canada has aligned numerous industry partners while marketing Canada globally as the best tourist destination which resulted in a huge number of tourists applying and obtaining the Canada Visit Visa.

According to Destination Canada, there were numerous factors that led to the success of Canada tourism in 2018. Some of which were increase in effective marketing moves, enhancements in airlifts and opening up new routes leading to several Canadian airports implementation of some positive changes in the Canada tourist visa policies which allowed people from 45 countries to enter Canada without any restrictions and also opening more visa application centers in China which is Canada’s third-largest source market.

The record number of tourists’ influx in Canada last year is assumed to continue in 2019 as well. If you are planning to visit Canada, this is the right time. Get in touch with Kansas Canada visa agents to know more about Canada Tourist Visa. Call now @ 040-40307077.

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