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Report Recommends -Increase Population Through Immigration Programs Like NBPNP

Posted On: 13-Nov-2018
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Report Recommends -Increase Population Through Immigration Programs Like NBPNP

The New Brunswick Province is facing two significant problems which it must overcome, first labor market crises and the second population shortage. The above province needs annually an increase of nearing to 7,500 newcomers.  The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is an economic immigration program, through this program; it selects and nominates skilled workers and qualified business people across the globe.

The report produced by New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC) warns that the province is on track of losing about 110,200 workers by the year 2026 due to the ageing population and also people are leaving the workforce permanently.

The report further adds, during the same period, about 76,000 students are expected to complete their graduation from New Brunswick’s high schools. Hence the province will experience a shortage of labour in thousands in the next decade if Canada immigration or the government takes no action.

Due to the economic impact of labour shortfall, the provincial economy is slowing down. Hence some of the employers had left with no choice, but they relocate to other parts of the United States or Canada.

The NBMC stated, without the growth of labour market and sustained the population; the New Brunswick province would face a shortfall in tax revenue that could jeopardize the public services such as health care when the ageing population needs to avail those services most often.

Increase in Immigration Rate 

To offset the above trend, the NBMC has stated, the federal government of Canada must work along with the province so that New Brunswick population increase by at least 1% each year with the help of immigration programs such as New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP).

The NBMC has also made a note that it would almost double the present annual immigrate rate to the province.  The NBMC represent nearing to 7,500 newcomers each year.

Alex Leblanc, NBMC Executive Director states “One per cent is a responsible number given the context of Canada and the fact that, nationally, we welcome roughly one per cent of our population through immigration [each year].”

The new entrants to the labour market growth between 2013 to 2018, across Canada, were immigrants. In reality, the number of workers born in Canada, across the nation declined. Hence we are living in the continuous falsehood that on our population can sustain the services as well as industries we presently have. It does not even consider growth scenario; it just tries to maintain existing jobs.

In the report, a significant point is highlighted, for the period 2013 to 2017, in the New Brunswick province, the immigration was majorly responsible for growth in labour market.

Leblanc stated, in reality, this province must adopt an ambitious immigration objective which would help not only meet the instant needs; it will also enable the region’s economy to flourish.

He further added we should keep an eye on growth and increase the standard of living. That’s not all; we must not only grow opportunities but also grow local businesses as well.

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