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Report Reveals – Overseas Students Seek More Assistance In Canada

Posted On: 26-Oct-2018
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As Canada transforms itself to be one among the leading destination for world-class study, overseas students who are currently registered to pursue an education in Canada are seeking more assistance to live, work as well as study in Canada.

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) report reveals the experience of the overseas students in Maple leaf nation must not be restricted only towards the growing recruitment numbers as well as tuition fees collected for various courses they pursue in the country.

In the year 2015, Maple leaf nation hosted nearing to 353,000 overseas students previously ten years back the numbers were 84,000. A large number of overseas students stayed back after completion of their degree, mainly to work or gain Canada PR status.

Overseas students face numerous obstacles such as delay in visa application process or in shortage of funds. In recent decades the tuition fees for post-secondary education has been increased across the board. These students also faced difficulties while applying visa for self as well as for family members.

As a result of the deficit of funds, the country finds it hard to gain from the students registering from low socio-economic backgrounds.

The report also revealed, due to socio as well as educational barriers faced by the overseas students, they find hardships to integrate themselves into campus life as well as the local community.

CASA sheds light as well as endorses those overseas students should be offered; extra campus support and the approach to be followed for visa process for the spouse as well as for the overseas students must be very straightforward.  It also seeks more scholarships for students who are asylum seekers and for students belonging to low socio-economic backgrounds.

With regards to working rights the group has suggested numerous best course of actions, they include

– Fast track immigration process for overseas students to work while pursuing education

– Introducing full-time elective internships

– For international students seeking part-time courses, an extension of off-campus work rights

– Similarly for foreign students pursuing a degree, Co-op internships for up to one year.

Another primary recommendation is, international students must be provided an extension to stay which will enable them to remain in Canada for a duration of 3 months to a half year after completion of their education in the nation so that they  find time to seek for a job. The above time is the average time taken by the job seekers to find a job.

In Canada, CASA represents above 200,000 overseas students pursuing post-secondary education.

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