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SA premier in favor of more skilled youths migrating to regional areas

Posted On: 01-Feb-2019
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SA premier in favor of more skilled youths migrating to regional areas

Steven Marshall, the South Australian Premier is in favor of allowing more and more skilled youths to migrate to the regional areas of the country. According to reports, Marshall has called upon the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison requesting him to ease out the Australian immigration process for the skilled youths for faster development of the regional areas.

In 2018, Morrison raised the concern about overcrowding of Australian cities due to the surge in the number of immigrants. He floated the idea of curtailing down the number of candidates looking for Australia PR by almost 30,000 keeping in mind the public concern regarding the congestion of prime Australian cities.

The SA Premier called upon the Prime Minister with a request to expand the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMAs) as the requirements of the states like South Australia and Tasmania is much different from the bigger Australian cities like Melbourne or Sydney. According to Marshall, expansion of the DAMAs is essential to drive the young skilled migrants to the areas where their expertise is highly required.  Marshall’s view was explicitly supported by the Chief Executive of the business of SA, Nigel McBride.

Marshall also stated that the Australian government’s immigration policies are mostly influenced by the complaints of the big city dwellers. However, while being busy preventing the cities being overcrowded, the government is neglecting the needs of the regional areas of the country. Marshall is also in favor of offering huge incentives for international students to lure them to stay back in Australian even after they finish their education.

The Australian immigration cap was set at 190,000 since 2012-13. The following years almost met the cap but in 2017-18, the immigration cap was recorded the lowest in the decade, 163,000 including Australian PRs for both skilled and family visas. Marshall expects in the next financial year, the cap would be lowered and the states would be given more responsibilities for setting, justifying and planning their migration policies.

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