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Schengen Countries to begin New Visa Sticker from 21st December

Posted On: 30-Nov-2019
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Schengen Countries to begin New Visa Sticker from 21st December

The new update from the Schengen government states that all the travelers who are intending to travel with a Schengen visa to any of the Member Countries must obtain a New Schengen visa sticker. The stickers are more likely to be the different one which is currently being fixed to the third-country nationals moving to the European borderless territories for short-term visas.

In order to assure that there would not be any complications of counterfeiting and fraud of the common design, the Council Regulation (EC) No 1683/95 (2) has laid down a different sticker. The design which is being used is 20 years old.

The council stated that, “A new common design should, therefore, be established with more modern security features to render the visa sticker more secure and to prevent forgery.”

Finland was the first Schengen country to plan for the new visa stickers on 11th November. Later during a press release of VFS Global, it was declared that, it is mandatory for all Schengen members to use the new stickers.

As per the VFS press release, “All Finnish missions abroad and organizations issuing visas, including the Border Guard, Finnish Customs and the Police, started to use the new EU visa sticker on 11 November 2019. Regulation (EU) 2017/1370, amending Council Regulation (EC) No 1683/95 on a uniform format for visas, was adopted on 04 July 2017. All Member States must start using the new visa sticker by 21 December 2019.”

However, the introduction of the new visa sticker will not be affecting the visa applicants who have received the visa stickers before November 11. Their visas will be valid until the period of time indicated on it.

The EU has been taking many actions and measures to ease the traveling of applicants for short term stays. In the month of June, the EU Council has changed a few amendments to make immigration faster and clearer for the travelers. A few such changes are lodging applications in three months advance, an increase in visa fee from €60 to €80, and providing the option of filling the application form electronically.

The Federal Council of Switzerland became the first Schengen member to align the corresponding regulations with the updated visa code. Also, they have announced that from 2 February 2020, Switzerland will start applying the new visa code. Further, the Netherlands has also announced for beginning a new visa code from February 1.

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