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Certain occupations to be cut down from the Skilled Occupation List- Western Australia

Posted On: 06-Apr-2017
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Western Australia, one of the most popular states for employment is now planning to cut down certain skilled occupations available for foreign workers willing to settle & work in Western Australia. This initiative has been made by the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, for a reason to limit the number of overseas skilled workers. Mark McGowan has requested The Prime Minister of Oz, Malcolm Turnbull to eliminate Perth from the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme. Perth is one of the most well regarded and most preferred cities of Western Australia and the RSMS provides a pathway to skilled workers who are looking for a skilled migration to this region.

The RSMS allows a skilled worker with a job offer in hand from the Australian employer to become a permanent resident of Australia. According to the stats, during the past financial year, over five thousand people became Australian permanent residents through this scheme.

The WA Occupation list, which is also a key element for RSMS has not been updated since the start of 2017. McGowan believes the list should be review and certain occupations must be removed. According to the news, the following occupations will face elimination from the WA Occupation List:

  1. Nurses
  2. Electricians
  3. Engineers
  4. Bricklayers
  5. Mechanics

The reason for the elimination is to retain these jobs for the natives of Western Australia and people of Australia from other regions, as thousands of these occupants from Australia have no jobs.  However, Western Australia may still need occupants like Chefs, Healthcare providers, haematologists etc, and these occupations would remain on the list.

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