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Software Engineers & Designers have been a leading occupation category for OINP in 2017

Posted On: 20-Dec-2017
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Software Engineers & Designers have been a leading occupation category for OINP in 2017

A recently released report of Immigration Strategy of a prominent Canadian province, Ontario shows that the leading occupation category to receive provincial nominees throughout 2017 was of Software Engineers and Designers. The Immigration Strategy was an initiative launched in 2012 by the Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to address the increasing shortage of skilled workforce in the province.

According to the released figures, in 2017 over 6000 nominations were allotted for Ontario under Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program. This was recorded to be the highest allocation in a span of a decade. Moreover, an additional allocation was received through IRCC in December. The report indeed lays a detailed statistics of how OINP contributed to a significant increase in immigrant-count of the Maple country. Through the OINP, thousands of skilled workers, families, entrepreneurs and international students who applied for the program received a higher scope of Canada PR.

“Our gains in this regard have been significant, with Ontario’s allocation increasing from 1,300 nominees in 2013 to 6,000 in 2017,” a statement from the report.

While Software Engineers and Designers led the ONIP’s top five nominee occupation category, Computer Programme and Interactive Media Developers also made a part of the same list. Overall, the nominees issued under OINP for 2017 were major to candidates employed in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Sector.

When talked about nationalities, India took the crown. Calculated till September 2017, over 1835 nominees were Indians; the second largest number of nominations (1608 nominations) going to nationals of China.

A Peep into Past- Improvements brought by Ontario in 2017

Number 1: Ontario launched two new immigration streams, namely- the Express Entry Skilled Trades stream and a pilot program called Employer Job Offer: In Demand Skills Stream.

Number 2: So as to keep up with the constant demand of skilled workforce, Ontario also expanded its human resources and introduced an online application system. This enhanced way to a lesser processing time. In this context, there is a statement in the report which says, “Most OINP applications are now being processed within 60 days from the application date. This is a significant improvement and underpins the ministry’s commitment to enhanced customer service.”

Number 3: The popular Express Entry aligned Stream, the Human Capital Priorities Stream opened at frequent intervals throughout 2017. This significantly helped OINP to look for qualified candidates in the pool and issued then Notifications of Interest (NOI), which eventually serve as an invitation to apply for a PNP certificate.

Number 4: In June 2017, the province launched a new Human Capital Priorities-linked initiative. This prioritized selection of candidates from the pool who showed a work experience in special 15 ICT related occupations.

Number 5: Introduced of the Global Skilled Strategy in June 2017 which helped Canadian business find international talent with in-demand skills. With this innovation, the GSS also provided a two-week service standard for processing of LMIA applications of temporary workers.

Number 6: The Minister Employers Table is another initiative that talks about Ontario’s development in immigration. Through a series of roundtables known as the Minister’s Employers Tables, Ontario gathers perspectives of employers on immigration needs and their best practices in terms of policy and programming. The initiative was successful as 97 employers produced their priority objectives through seven METs.

Number 7: In 2017, nearly five thousand skilled newcomers were a part of Ontario Government funded training program, known as Bridge training. These programs helped immigrants in meeting its objective- “removing barriers and increasing the number of internationally trained professionals licensed in their professions.”

Of the total number, nearly 294 candidates achieved licensure in their specialized occupation and over four thousand moved in their professional field to find work. It is stated that for the coming three years, Ontario will receive a funding as high as $91 million to continue with the imitative of Bridge training programs. If you wish to know how Ontario can be a place for you in 2018 and further, connect to our PNP expert for a detailed telephonic counselling.

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