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Strict control over weddings happening for Australia Permanent Residency

Posted On: 11-Apr-2017
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Despite the Government’s efforts to ease Australia immigration, many cases have been reported with regards to illegal immigration in Australia. To amazement, it is not an illegal entry as immigrants to the country this time. It is the fake weddings that have been arranged by visa agents, who assisted the couples to enter Australia and become Permanent residents.

A court in Brisbane has been recently holding continuous hearings of fake weddings, which were arranged only for obtaining an Australian Permanent residency. This fraudulent wedding scam was done in spite of the legal framework of Australia Immigration Act’s Section 240 that clearly states that getting arranging weddings for a purpose of getting a visa is a strict offense.

As of the news, over 15 men from India were wedded to Australian women in one year. Over 1000 US Dollars were paid to the Australian ladies and 250 US dollars were paid by the spouse in return for the wedding. Besides, the individuals/agents involved in the fraudulent scam provided the couple with fake documents for the wedding and successfully misled the Australian authorities to provided visa.

Considering the increasing scam, the Australia Government has decided to put a strict control over illegal immigration in Australia by introducing various control measures. With that is also advised that applicants of India must be aware and take the visa agents in India who are genuine and reliable rather than going for a visa process by themselves.

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