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Strict Visa Restrictions Could Be Reason For UK Losing Billions

Posted On: 27-Oct-2018
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Strict Visa Restrictions Could Be Reason For UK Losing Billions

Students from different nations, especially Asia, look beyond the qualification and seek value, so that they can be prepared to grab the opportunity may it be a business opportunity or job opportunity.

In the year, 2012 UK made changes to the immigration rules and as a result, post-study work visa was scrapped. The Universities UK conducted a new analysis according to them; the nation might have lost above £8 billion between the years 2013- 2017.

Overseas students belonging to EU as well as non-EU enrollments was slightly down in the UK during the period 2012 to 2013 after the immigration rules have been changed, since then it is flat lined. Other nations such as Canada, Australia and the US experienced continuous growth during the same period. Since last few years, UK is experiencing declining market share when compared to its competitors.

Out of the total, about 19% enrolled were international students; they were around 442,375 for the period from 2016 to 2017. About 13% were from Non-EU nations and other 6% were from EU nations. For the period 2014 to 2015 alone, the income and the economic activity of these overseas students helped the country generate about £25.8 billion in output. That’s not all; around 206,600 new jobs were created.

The other significant advantage brought by international students include enhancement of academic experience of domestic students. These students also add soft power to the UK; presently 57 world leaders in power have pursued the education in the UK.

Recently, Universities UK has called for a visa; the above visa would enable the overseas students to work nearing to two years after they have completed their graduation.

This visa would also enable a large number of UK employers to offer work to these talented overseas students belonging to various parts of the world. Even the small, as well as medium employers, can have access to them. Even though they do not have Tier 2 sponsorship licenses, for that, they need to incur a high cost.

ComRes recently conducted a poll, above 4,000 British adults have expressed their views. The result revealed their reaction to the UK government’s immigration policy. One out of four, British adults felt overseas students entering the nation to pursue an education in UK universities as immigrants.

It revealed, around 72% of the British adults have voted in favour of overseas students to stay in the nation after they have completed their post-graduation for one or more years so that they can learn from their work experience.

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