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Students with American Ph.D exempted from H1-B restrictions- a new bill introduced in US

Posted On: 09-Jun-2017
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Recently, in the United States House of Representatives, a new bill has been re-introduced with respect to the H1-B restrictions. This bill states that foreign-born candidates with an American Ph.D. in technology, science, mathematics or engineering shall be exempted from the limits imposed on the H1-B visas and employment-based green cards. Introduced by Congressmen Erik Paulsen & Mike Quigley, this initiative has been termed as the Stopping Trained in American Ph.Ds from Leaving Economy (STAPLE) Act. It is believed that since Indians constitute the largest number of students pursuing Ph.D. in the United States, this comes as a great benefit for Indian students.

“It is no surprise that the brightest minds from around the world come to the United States to pursue their advanced degrees, and we should be doing all we can to ensure students we educate and train here use what they’ve learned to contribute to the American economy,” stated Congressman Erik Paulsen.

“With thousands of high-skilled jobs going unfilled, the STAPLE Act makes sure American companies are getting the talent they need. By stapling a green card or (a) visa to their diplomas, these professionals can invent and innovate new discoveries that grow our economy,” he further added.

Summing it up, the aim behind the introduction of the STAPLE Act is to amend the Immigration & Nationality and make it is easy for foreigners with a United States Ph.D. in STEM subjects to be admitted for permanent residency of United States and exempted from the limitations of the H1-B visas.

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