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Students need to prove language skills and financial stability for New Zealand study visa

Posted On: 02-Dec-2016
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Believing that obtaining a student visa of New Zealand for Indian students is getting difficult due to the inability of many students unable to meet the language requirement, the Auckland International Group, a group representing 16 private tertiary education institutions shows concern on too many rejections of study visa of Indian students. According to the statistics, a very low of the total applicants received their visas last year. While the reasons for this were not made very clear, sources believe that the inability of Indian students to meet the language requirements resulted in rejection of many applications while a large number of applications bounced during the process. Radio New Zealand announced that a large number of Indians are landing into New Zealand with improper English language skills and insufficient funds. This has eventually made the immigration rules tougher.

The Auckland International Group also suggests that instead of rejecting visas of Indian students for wrong filing, the government should focus on improving visa approval rate. The caliber of Indian students is great and this must be valued. On this, the Minister of Tertiary Education, Steven Joyce stated that issuance of visa to Indian students will continue and the rules will no longer get tough. However, it is the student’s responsibility to prove their language ability and declare himself as financially stable to manage his education in New Zealand.

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