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Taiwan to offer visa-free entry to Indians & several nationalities

Posted On: 19-Jul-2017
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Considering the success of the visa-waiver program launched by Taiwan for visitors of Thailand & Brunei in August 2016, Taiwan is intending to add more countries to its visa-waiver list. According to an announcement made by a Foreign Ministry official on July 14, Taiwan aims to exempt nationals of Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam of visa obligations and provide them with related privileges. This news was declared by the respective official through CAN- a state news agency in Taiwan.

While there is no confirmation on when this initiative will take its execution and there are several factors to be taken into consideration before executing these visa privileges, it is predicted that the government would initially plan a study on the same after August (on the return of associated government officials from the Summer Universaide). Sources assume that this initiative could also be an inspiration the country has taken from the Republic of China, who has recently exempted 11 of its diplomatic allies of the Latin America and Caribbean to obtain visa and made them a part of its visa-free program.

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Though Indians may exempted from visa obligations to visit Taiwan on effect of this plan, many other countries of the world still demand a visa for visit purposes. If you wish to visit any country for a reason of tour, business or medical, come visit us for a timely & budge friendly visa process. Our services for visit visa processing are exclusively and offered at best discounts.

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