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Targeted Employment Strategy for newcomers in Canada

Posted On: 17-Apr-2017
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As a part of the Budget 2017, Canada will soon announce a Targeted Employment Strategy- says the Immigration Minister of Canada, Ahmed Hussen. The aim of this initiative is to ease the task of foreign skilled workers to find employment opportunities that relate to their talent, skills and work experience.  Skilled workers who come from outside often find it challenging to get their education and skills assessed and recognized, which is a mandate for a good employment opportunity in Canada.  It is believed that the Targeted Employment Strategy will enhance the opportunities for skilled workers and help them overcome the challenges that usually occur when they try to find employment in the country. The strategy will put forward the abilities of the new comers and benefit them with the following provisions:

  • Special loan facility for newcomers will be initiated. By this facility, the foreign worker will be able to get his credentials assessed and recognized, attempt the licensing exams, undergo training that will upgrade his skills.
  • A pilot venture will be proposed so as to test the advanced methodologies and help newcomers get a work experience in the country.
  • The pre-arrival provision will be enhanced so as to help the newcomers in starting the recognition processing even much before arriving in Canada.

In this context, the Immigration Minister said “Attracting the best and brightest from around the world benefits all Canadians and is one of the Government of Canada’s top priorities. I am proud that our government is supporting newcomers and helping them overcome the barriers that limit their employment opportunities in Canada.”

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