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Tech giants are choosing to migrate to Canada over the US

Posted On: 07-Feb-2019
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Tech giants are choosing to migrate to Canada over the US

Huge technology firms are choosing to migrate to Canada due to the limited availability of the H-1B visas. The trend of shifting base began since 2008 when Microsoft chose Vancouver for its office location over the cities of USA.

The Trump administration has made the Visa availability process yet more restrictive, thus adding to the problems of the tech companies. The companies are dwindling with uncertainty, if at all they will be able to get hold of an H-1B visa or not. The US President is keen on enforcing the Executive Order of “Buy American, Hire American”; reciprocating to which the cost of acquiring the H-1B visa has risen precipitously.  According to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) there is a huge rise in the number of visa denials. The visa processing is also taking a longer time than ever before. This has made top companies shift their eyes to towards Canada and deciding to migrate to Canada with their employees.

But why are companies keen to migrate to Canada?

The most important reason behind tech tycoons to shift base to Canada is the comparatively low cost of living in Canada than the US cities. The companies don’t have to pay any extra allowance to their employees to adjust with the expensive lifestyle. Moreover, the Permanent Resident visa for Canada is easily obtainable and the processing system is less complex compared to the US visa procedures. The current employees in the US are very skeptical about the H-4 EADs eliminations and exceptionally longer wait time for the H-1B processing. Most of them have lost their authorization to work in the USA.

The Government of Canada in the meantime, trying to steer the high-tech workers toward the country. In 2017, the Government initiated the Global Talent Stream Program that grants work permission to workers wiling to migrate to Canada within a few week. The Canadian Prime Minister openly stated amidst the NAFTA debate at the San Francisco Bay Area, that bringing in great talents from around the globe will not only benefit the company but the country as well. This has helped Canada leapfrog most of the US cities like San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC to bag the maximum Tech workers. Majority of the Tech crowd is not now searching for opportunities to migrate to Canada.

This is all a real good opportunity for the Indian Techies, aspiring to migrate to Canada. Get in touch with Kansas Overseas Career services, to help you get placed with the right company and move to the land of opportunities. Call @ 040-40307077 to our Canada Visa Consultants .

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