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Termination of 18,000 Quebec Skilled Worker Applications: Injunction Request Report This Illegal

Posted On: 22-Feb-2019
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Termination of 18,000 Quebec Skilled Worker Applications: Injunction Request Report This Illegal

On 7th February, Quebec’s Coalition Avenir government proposed for terminating the backlogged 18,000 applications immediately in legislation, which is commonly known as Bill 9.

However, the AQAADI (québécoise des avocats et avocates en droit de l’immigration) during an injunction request reported this as illegal as this will make the chances harder for the applicants.

The injunction request stated that “It destroys the ability of these individuals, many of whom are already well engaged in and at the final stage of the process of selection, to realize their plans for a new life in Canada.”

Further, the Injunction request details that, Quebec’s Immigration Minister can issue decisions on pending applications, but do not have the right to refuse the applications.

The AQAADI wants the Quebec’s Superior Court to declare the government for continuing the applications for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) under the same the regular pace until the Quebec’s National Assemble passes any legislation.

Therefore, if a candidate under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program plans to apply for Canadian permanent residence, firstly they need to have their CSQ to be granted by the Government of Quebec.

According to the AQAADI’s statement, each application can have the chances of including their spouse and children; thus by terminating the 18,000 applications, there is a massive chance for losing thousands of individuals.

The decision of the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) is strongly stated unfair; since it was an injustice that happened for applications which have been waiting for much longer time. Anyhow, as per the government, the affected applications have to create their profiles by using the New Online Expression of Interest System of the province.

These were the applications which have been submitted when the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) accepted paper-based applications on first come and first serve basis.

Simon Jolin-Barrette, the Quebec’s Immigration Minister, added that, terminating the applications was necessary for the government to focus on welcoming candidates in the Expression of Interest Pool and as well for selecting skilled workers to fulfill the province shortages.

“It’s a strong measure,” “but it’s the only one capable of breaking a stalemate that we can no longer accept.”

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