The Government of Thailand announces a 10 year visa- November 26, 2016

Posted on December 12, 2016

Post an internal discussion, the Government of Thailand introduced a 10 year visa to foreign residents. This initiative aims at promoting the nation as a medical hub and strengthen ties with other nations across the world. The basic eligibility criteria for one to qualify for this visa is to earn a month remuneration of 2,816 USD or hold an amount equivalent to 84000 USD in their bank account. This amount should reflect as a deposit until the first year of the visa grant. With this, the applicant also needs to have an insurance policy with an annual coverage of 10000 USD, with an inclusion of hospital stay. Since Thailand is emerging as a nation for a longer stay, this visa will be a great benefit for workers. Earlier Thailand experienced a huge immigrant population from North America, Europe and Japan but by time Chinese immigrants have doubled in the last five years.