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The New BC PNP Report Reveals Citizens of India, China got Highest Nominations

Posted On: 28-Aug-2018
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The New BC PNP Report Reveals Citizens of India, China got Highest Nominations

As per the new reports, British Columbia (BC) nominated about 2,350 Express Entry Candidates for Canadian Permanent Residents (PR) in 2017. There has been a notable boost in the number nominated through its EEBC skilled Worker Category.

Candidates, who wish to have vital fast-track option for Canadian PR, must opt for Canadian Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). Out of three, two territories, similarly out of ten, nine Canadian provinces have PNP; these enable them to nominate a set number of economic immigrants each year for Permanent Residence. The report further added British Columbia’s allocation for 2017 was 6,000.

Report published by new Provincial government, on British Columbia PNP revealed nominations through its four Express Entry-linked immigration categories accounted for 39.1% of all nominations for PR issued by BC in the year 2017. Previously in 2016, it was 34.2%, there has been an increase.

Express Entry candidates having provincial nomination get an additional 600 points towards their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, it will result in fast-tracking their application for Canadian Permanent Residence.

The BC PNP has four immigration categories these are linked to the Express Entry system: EEBC-Skilled Worker: EEBC –International Graduate: EEBC-Health Care professional: EEBC-International Post Graduate.

Of all BC PNP categories, the EEBC –skilled Worker Category experienced major change. In 2016, there were only 799 nominations, but in 2017, there were around 1,181 nominations.

He/She must register an Expression of Interest (EOI) for BC PNP’s skills Immigration Registration System. If an Express Entry Candidate is interested in BC PNP

Varied criteria needs have to be met, among them a valid job offer from a British Columbian employer is required, so that they can be eligible for  EEBC –Health Care professional categories, EEBC-International Graduate and EEBC- Skilled Worker.

Overall, there has been a 36% increase in Applications

In 2017, applications to the BC PNP rose by 36% when compared to the previous year. Total number of applications received in the year, 2017 were 7,307 and last year the number of applications received was 5,363.

98.5% of applications (i.e. 7,201 applications) came through varied categories under the BC PNP’s skill immigration stream; these include four Express Entry categories. The rest 1.5% of applications (i.e. 106 applications) were filed through Entrepreneur Immigration Stream.

Lead source nations were China and India

In 2017, Citizens belonging to nations such as India and China led immigration applicants nominated for permanent residence by the province of the BC under Skills Immigration Stream were 32% and 21%.

The Citizens of India received 32% of Skills Immigration nominations and citizens of China received 22%, these proportions were essentially similar for 2016. The top source nations for Skills Immigration Stream Nominees were  India, China, Australia, South Korea, UK, Brazil, US, Ireland, Iran and Phillippines.

Under BC’s Entrepreneur Immigration Stream, nearing to 78% nominated were Chinese Citizens, thus Chinese dominated the above stream.

Top Occupations

In 2017, under Skills Immigration Stream, Restaurant and Food Service Managers led the top 10 occupations of those issued nominations. The BC PNP states, the proportion of nominations issued to applicants in this profession and Administrative Assistants, continued to grow last year when compared to previous years.

The Top Ten occupations included four in the food service industry and they accounted about 18% of the skills immigration nomination in the year 2017. Other occupations in the Top ten were transport truck drivers, accounting technicians, bookkeepers, administrative assistants and retail sales supervisors.

Earlier year, the top ten occupations represented 44.1% of all nominations. The BC PNP stated that the proportion of overall nomination for tech-related occupations was 16%.

The BC PNP Tech Pilot focus was foreign tech workers and it issues every week invitations to immigration candidates having an eligible job offer from British Columbia employer in one of the 29 priority tech occupations.

If you are interested to know, whether you are eligible for Economic Canadian Immigration, talk to our immigration experts, they will guide you further.

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