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The Schengen States are Considering to Offer Super Priority Visa to Indians

Posted On: 14-Sep-2018
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The Schengen States are Considering to Offer Super Priority Visa to Indians

For Indian passport holders, travelling to Europe may soon get easier. The Report states that Schengen states are considering offering priority visas to the Indian passport holders, the above move would be definitely welcomed by many.

One year back, the United Kingdom (UK) started the ‘Super Priority’ Visa and now Schengen states also want to follow the above footstep for the sole reason to reach more number of Indians.

26 European nations are members of Schengen area- Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, France, Spain, Latvia, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, along with Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland.

Presently, UK is offering priority visas to Citizens of India with an additional cost nearing to Rs.90,000. The time taken to process the Super Priority Visa is a day.

The UK charges an extra fee of Rs.20,000 for the priority category of Visa and these visas are processed in less than a week.

When compared to UK rates, the Schengen priority charges are more likely to be lower. The Super Priority Visa category was started by the UK considering businessmen who frequently travel from India to the UK at an extremely short notice.

Presently, the processing time for the normal visa to Schengen states takes nearing to 15 to 30 days for processing but for holders of Indian passport who require to travel to Schengen states on a very short notice, the revised visa rules would definitely make the travelling process much easier than earlier.

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